Receive a 50% Bonus When Buying Avios from Iberia Plus

Between now and February 23rd, 2023, you can receive a 50% bonus when buying Avios from IBERIA PLUS.  As always, you can then Combine Your Avios to move them over to British Airways Executive Club, should you so choose.

Iberia Plus offers prices in euros, pounds sterling or US dollars. Paying in dollars is a terrible deal, so you would certainly prefer to pay in euros or British pounds… (with a zero commission credit card of course).


How to Pay in Euros or British Pounds

Iberia’s Terms & Conditions state that you will be charged in the currency where your account is located. (this now matches the British Airways Executive Club policy)

As a result, you must update your Iberia Plus profile to have a postal address in Spain or the United Kingdom. (you can use the address of a friend or a hotel without any issues)

That said, the Iberia Plus website is totally broken – at least for me…

It is worth highlighting that some Iberia Plus promotions – especially 50% off reward flights – are sometimes restricted to Spanish residents. Even more reason to register your Iberia Plus account to a Spanish postal address…  (unless you hold an Iberia Plus co-branded credit card, in which case you must maintain your account’s address in the US)


Bottom Line

The price of Avios gets gradually cheaper the more you buy. The cheapest price tends to settle around the 1.2 euro cent level, which is slightly more than 1.25 cents per Avios. You do need to buy 150,000+ Avios to get that price though. For smaller top ups, you shouldn’t pay much more than 1.5 cents per Avios.

However, you shouldn’t bother buying Avios if you must pay in dollars…