Why American’s Buy-Up Status Offers are Terrible

American Airlines AAdvantage is emailing elite status members with offers to “lock in your 2023 status”. This is essentially an offer to “buy up” an extra level of status.

In general, members are being offered the opportunity to buy one additional level of status from the one you are currently on track to earn / retain.

For example, if you are currently on track to becoming a Gold member in 2023-2024, then you would be offered the chance to buy Platinum status…

It is worth highlighting that I am currently a Platinum Pro member. I have received an offer for Platinum status, which is actually a downgrade.  As a result, these offers are based on your expected status for next year, not to maintain or upgrade your current status.

Why These Offers are Terrible

Everybody’s offer is individualized.  Moreover, it changes over time – the cost typically decreases as you get closer to the number of Loyalty Points needed for the next level of elite status.

It is obvious, however, that your typical InsideFlyer reader is NOT the target market for these offers.  It doesn’t really matter whether your target is $1,449 for Platinum status or $4,100 for Executive Platinum status. The only people who should be considering these offers are people who spend roughly 5 minutes a month thinking about their level of elite status.

Everybody else can read this article about acquiring Loyalty Points cheaply – click here.

Taking my personal offer, I need 42,000 Loyalty Points to reach Platinum status for next year.  This would cost me just over $1,000 by booking no-show hotel stays via Rocketmiles.

AND, and this is a big AND…  I would also add 42,000 miles to my balance of redeemable miles by booking those no-show hotel stays.  So, not only would I earn Platinum status more cheaply, but I would pick up enough miles for a free flight or two…

Bottom Line

If you receive an email from American Airlines offering you the chance to “lock in your 2023 status”, ignore it…  (or read it and enjoy a quick laugh)  It isn’t for you… you can buy your preferred level of 2023 status far more cost-efficiently.  (click here to read how)

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