Earn 1,000 Hyatt Points for Trying out a Home Delivery Service

World of Hyatt is offering 1,000 bonus points to US-based members who sign up for GoPuff – a service that delivers snacks, groceries, etc. to your home – and make a purchase between December 13, 2021 and January 2, 2022.

To participate, you need to sign up to GoPuff using the same email address as you use on your World of Hyatt account. Once that is complete, you must buy goods worth at least $25 and pay the $1.95 delivery charge.

Don’t forget to include the offer code WORLDOFHYATT.

You can only earn the 1,000 bonus points once.

Is it Worth the Effort?

1,000 Hyatt points is worth between $15-18.  So it certainly wouldn’t make sense to spend $27+ to earn 1,000 Hyatt points.

But of course, if you also receive something close to $25 worth of goods to your front door, it might be worth giving GoPuff a shot…

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