Reminder – You Can Still Earn 500 Bonus Points per Night at these Hyatt Hotels

One of Hyatt’s ongoing promotions offers 500 bonus points per night when you stay at a recently-opened hotel. Even though it can be easy to forget, the list changes regularly, and is well worth checking out from time to time.

At the moment, there are 18 hotels in the United States available, and 36 in total worldwide.

You can find Hyatt’s list of new hotels – those that qualify for the offer and the eligible dates in question for each hotel – by clicking here.

It’s worth adding that these promotional points stack with whatever other chain-wide promotion that Hyatt is running. (nothing at the moment, unless you were targeted)  But perhaps more importantly, you can pick up these bonus points even when spending points or using a free night certificate.

With 500 points worth $8-9, it’s a nice little bonus that might nudge you to choose a new hotel instead of an existing one…

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