$3.50 of Nearly-Free Money from Topcashback Today

One of the reasons that I am a big fan of Topcashback is their regular, easy-to-achieve bonuses.

The latest such bonus offer is available until 11:59pm (Pacific time) on November 5th, 2021. (note that you need to register first)

If you manage to spend $10 or more today, you will receive $3.50 back, along with whatever cashback you earn on that $10+ purchase.

Don’t know what to buy?

If you can’t think of anything costing $10+ that you need to buy online, you might want to consider the promotion I wrote about earlier today… buying Marriott points with a 45% bonus.

I said that the deal is weak. But if you buy $25 worth of Marriott points today, you will earn $0.62 of cashback and this $3.50 bonus on top, for a net cost of $20.88. In exchange, you would receive 2,900 Marriott points. That works out to 0.72 cents per Marriott points, which is fairly reasonable…

$15 for New Members of Topcashback

If you are not yet a member of Topcashback, you can earn an additional $15. Simply sign up using this referral link – http://www.topcashback.com/join-us/inside-flyer/ref/craigsowerby – and earn $10 of cashback.

It’s really quite simple to earn $10 of cashback. The number of hotel chains available via Topcashback is impressive – Hilton, IHG, Marriott, Accor, Choice, Best Western, etc – as well as the major Online Travel Agencies.

Otherwise, the $0.62 of cashback from buying $25 of Marriott points will also get you started towards that $10 target…

Terms & Conditions

They aren’t onerous… apart from a few non-qualifying merchants you need to be aware of:

  • Transactions with merchants paying 0% cashback and the following merchants are excluded from this promotion: 123 Copy DVD, 4 Wheel Parts, Angara, B2C Jewels, BigAl’sOnline.com, Black Halo, Booking.com, Calphalon.com, Canvas People, Crutchfield, Defender Pro, eSaleRugs.com, Flora2000, Fly Again, Gray Line New York, Halfpricedrapes.com, Hansen Surfboards Inc., Hotels.com, IHG, iStock, Journey, Link-Assistant, LogoMaker, Luxor Linens, McAfee, Metal Mulisha, Netflix, PRWeb, RentalCars.com, SHOEBACCA.com, The Popcorn Factory, TopCashBack – SignUp Bonus
  • Your purchase amount should be $10 or more. This is the purchase amount reported back to TopCashback, some merchants may exclude tax & fees or shipping charges.
  • You can earn a maximum of $3.50 bonus cash back.
  • Tell-A-Friend and Sign Up bonuses will not count as one of your purchases towards the Cash Back Bonus.
  • The Cash Back bonus will not count towards your friend’s Tell-a-Friend referral threshold.
  • To qualify for the Cash Back bonus the original transaction must be eligible for cash back. Please review merchant terms and conditions prior to purchase to avoid declined or untracked cash back.
  • Cash Back Bonus will be added on to your account as a separate cash back amount once the original transaction has tracked. Please allow 14 days for this to appear.
  • If you cancel your order, the Cash Back Bonus will be removed.
  • Only one TopCashback.com account per person is allowed.
  • Cash Back Bonus may not automatically apply to purchases where a Missing Cash Back Claim needs to be lodged to get your purchase to track correctly. If this is the case and your claim is successful you will need to raise a support ticket to be awarded the bonus.