Free Nights At LHW Hotels – Plus Free Points And Free Elite Status!

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We previously covered the absolutely free one year elite membership that “The Leading Hotels of the World” collection is currently giving to new members of its loyalty scheme, Leaders Club.

free hotel status

That’s in addition to a free 500 points, and apparently worth a combined US $215.

free hotel status

Amongst other things, Leaders Club gets you free breakfast and one yearly upgrade (in addition to general “upgrade priority”, where it’s available).

As such, it’s well worth joining if you are even remotely considering staying at an LHW hotel

Duly equipped with your free hotel status, you can then benefit from two interesting offers at LHW, both of which are offered on a very flexible basis (i.e. no-penalty cancellation up to 72 hours before the stay).

The offers

The current offers are all straightforward bonus free nights.

Offer one is three nights for the price of two.

free hotel status

Offer two is four nights for the price of three:

free hotel status

Offer three is seven nights for the price of five.

free hotel status

To benefit from the offers, just click on the applicable link above, which will take you through to the specific offer page.

In all cases, you can benefit from some truly spectacular hotels, including:

free hotel status
Grand Hotel Wien

I do appreciate travel plans are very difficult to make at the moment, but the full refund any time up to 72 hours before the stay gives you full reassurance that you won’t be out of pocket on any reservation. Plus, there is absolutely no downside to getting the free hotel status for a year.

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