BIG Additional Hilton Discounts For All Military And Medical Workers

Hilton has always been pretty good at offering lower rates for key workers. However, it recently made the process a lot easier via its “Frontline Thanks” offer, which has its own dedicated webpage that pre-loads the Hilton key worker discount, without even needing a promo code.

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If you book through the Frontline Thanks page, you will automatically have an additional discount of up to 25% applied to the rate. The great thing is that it further discounts already discounted stays, such as the current reductions via the Hilton Honors Travel/Save rate. The Frontline Thanks rate also includes early check in and late check out.

In short, it’s a really good deal on top of any deals already being offered. 

The Frontline Thanks rate is valid only for medical professionals with medical identification, for guests with valid military ID including active duty, reserve, and retired service members and their spouses and families

However, if the stay is in EMEA – Europe, Middle East and Africa – it also extends to professionals within Health and Social care, Education and Childcare, Key Public Services, Local and National Government, Military, Food and other necessary goods, Public safety and National Security, Transport, Utilities, Communication and Financial Services. (i.e. it’s not hard to find a way to qualify)

You must be a Hilton Honors member to book this rate.

The Savings Available

Taking the “for illustration only” example of a New York stay in June, you can see some excellent discounts on the (already discounted) Dream Away sale rates (examples for a random night in June 2021):

As you can see, in all cases the Frontline Thanks rate is substantially better!

Hilton key worker discount – any small print?

Note that if you fall outside of this offer, the traditional Hilton promotional code for “public sector workers”, PR11PN, does continue to work in certain circumstances. However, it is not as widely applied, and the discounts do not appear to be as good, as with the Frontline Thanks offer.

Please note that there’s every chance you will be asked for valid ID if you book these rates. As such, if you’re not in a role that can be reasonably deemed as a “key worker”, then you should not book via the Frontline Thanks page.

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