1250 Free Hilton Honors Points

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We’re generally a little skeptical of “points for opinions”-type websites. If you enjoy completing them, great – you’re basically earning a few points for a hobby (a hobby to fuel your hobby, if you like).

However, if you find the whole thing a bit of a chore, then, when you factor in the hourly rate you’re effectively being paid, it’s probably fair to say you’re wasting your time.

However, one way this can change is if you can net yourself a juicy sign up bonus. One such bonus is currently available through the tie up between Hilton Honors and Guest Opinion Rewards.

Sign up via this link, and you’ll get a very straightforward bonus 1250 Hilton Honors points when you complete your first survey. You’ll also get the actual points for completing that survey, which will be in the region of 50-200 points.

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Given that the survey shouldn’t take you more than around 20 minutes, that’s not a bad return for your time. However, it is substantially less generous than the 10,000 Hilton Honors points offered as a sign-up bonus in 2020!

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Future surveys?

Of course, once you’re signed up to Guest Opinion Rewards, you’ll be offered further surveys to complete. Whether you choose to do so is entirely up to you!

I have to be honest and say I’ve completed a couple of surveys now and rather enjoyed them. There’s also something curiously satisfying about building up a points pile (and perhaps even a redemption night…) this way – just don’t kid yourself that it’s the best value way to earn Hilton points!

Don’t forget that the current Hilton points sale, offering a 100% bonuses on purchases, offers a fantastic opportunity to bag yourself a great value Hilton stay.


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