You Can Earn British Airways Avios With Airbnb

British Airways Avios

Airlines usually have many ways to earn points in their frequent flyer programmes. Everything from shopping and credit cards, to car hire and newspaper subscriptions all increase your balance. British Airways now allow earning on Airbnb bookings.

Many people have eschewed hotels in favour of Airbnb bookings, particularly those aged in their twenties and thirties. Airbnb is far cheaper and offers a more local experience in many instances than a faceless hotel chain.

Airbnb Bookings Earn Avios

British Airways have permitted earning Avios with hotels for years. Virtually every chain you can think of will earn something in the programme which is excellent. Airbnb bookings will earn 3 Avios per euro, dollar or pound, with 500 bonus Avios earned on your first booking.

Before you run off to book an Airbnb, be warned. You need to make your reservation through the link on the British Airways web site here. If you don’t, you won’t earn your points.

Airbnb Experiences

I have stayed in two or three Airbnb properties in my time and I have found it very simple. Usually your property key is in some kind of coded lock box at the property and in you go.

It seems the ones I used were permanently used for tourists as there were no real personal effects of the owners inside. They were furnished like a home but without the personal touch. Either way, it is a convenient and cheap way to stay in places.

Overall Thoughts

Earning Avios on Airbnb bookings was probably inevitable considering the shift in travel patterns over the past few years. People like to earn frequent flyer points where they can and this options just catches the trend.

Though debate rages when it comes to Airbnb and rental prices in various cities around the world, the fact is that this kind of service appears to be going nowhere, so why not earn points on it?

What do you think of this partnership and is it inevitable? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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Featured image by John Crowley on Flickr via Wikimedia Commons.


  1. Chris says

    I recently made a booking through BA for an AirBnB trip. I put down the first half of the cost, and I will pay the second part later. Do you know when credits show up? Is it after the stay has occurred or at each time when you make a payment? (Especially since that’s a nonrefundable payment.)

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