ShopTrue: Win 65,000 TrueBlue Points


I’ll start by saying that I hope you had a happy and safe Thanksgiving holiday. If you were fortunate, your dinner discussions were about football and frequent flyer miles, not politics. At least we have “Cyber Monday” to look forward to. And while there are a number of deals out there, I’m going to talk about the one attached to JetBlue’s ShopTrue newsletter.

Sign up for The ShopTrue Newsletter to Win

Wonder how much shoebuy paid for that placement?

Today, everyone is throwing discounts at you to get you to shop through their website. Cash back shopping, or shopping online through a miles portal, is normally a lucrative business but, as the holiday shopping season “officially” begins, there will be more deals than ever. You’ll have a bunch of emails sitting in your inbox, but I’m going to focus on this one, since it’s one of the few that has a contest attached. You enter simply by adjusting your profile page at JetBlue to receive the ShopTrue newsletter and you will be entered to win 65,000 TrueBlue points. There isn’t even a long form to fill out or anything to buy.

As usual, terms and conditions apply. Read them carefully. If you live outside the 50 states, DC or Puerto Rico, sorry, you’ll have to look elsewhere for your free TrueBlue points.

What about The Shopping?

The purpose of the contest is, of course, to get you to shop at the JetBlue online shopping portal. Is that something you want to do? Well, it depends. As much as airlines, hotels, cash back sites, etc. try to decommoditize their products, shopping portals is one area where it is difficult to do so. With cashback shopping sites, it’s easy to figure out how much you are getting. Miles and points are a little tougher, since you have to attach a value to each point. In the case of JetBlue, one TrueBlue point is worth approximately 1.5c in redemption value. So, sign up for the ShopTrue newsletter, but be careful about where you actually do your shopping.