Hotel Review Hampton Inn And Suites Las Vegas Airport: Part II

We stayed two nights at the Hampton Inn Las Vegas Airport, the first as soon as we arrived, and the second the night before we departed. And despite the short duration, we noticed a remarkable difference between our stays. You should read this review in conjunction with our first stay. If only they could be this good all the time…


 We arrived at the Hampton Inn Las Vegas Airport for our second stay at about 4 pm on a Thursday afternoon. Unlike our first night, there was no turmoil in the lobby. The front desk clerk turned out to be the missing manager from our previous stay, but she seemed on the ball today. She gushed over my wife’s Diamond card and talked about the lifetime status program with authority. We’re used to being given two bottles of water at check-in, but she told us to go to the pantry anytime during our stay and help ourselves whenever we needed it. Even though we would be there less than twelve hours, it was a nice touch.

We felt like the FDC really went the extra mile. She saw that we had booked two queen beds and asked us if we wanted a king instead. We said yes, and she upgraded us to one of the suites. When we requested a 3:30 am wake-up call, she offered us breakfast to-go bags for the next morning.

The Room

hampton inn las vegas
The bedroom, also the living room

 The suite was more of a junior suite, as it was one large room with a sofa bed and a few alcoves.

hampton inn las vegas airport
The living room, also the bedroom

There was plenty of room if we had wanted another couple of people on the sofa bed, but that wasn’t necessary for us. Lighting was better than my room from the previous stay but it still wasn’t great. The entrance area had a mini kitchen and a microwave, just in case.

hampton inn las vegas airport

The bathroom was fine. The sink was outside the bathroom, which had the toilet and a shower.

hampton inn las vegas airport
A “decorative” shower curtain


As I mentioned in the other post, you shouldn’t expect much in terms of facilities from a Hampton Inn, but they certainly had everything we needed. There was a small business center and pantry off the lobby, and there was a pool outside. Overall, they did a nice job with the space.

The service, as I mentioned above, was excellent. The FDC did a nice job during check-in and our 3:30 am wake-up call arrived on time. The shuttle driver was ready to leave right at 4 am for our short trip to the airport.


Excellent. $90 for a junior suite and a ride to the airport. Even I had nothing to complain about.

This was an excellent stay. It’s not the Four Seasons, but they provided everything we needed and then some. Service was proactive and the room was nice.

After my previous stay, I decided that I wouldn’t be staying at this hotel again. And now, I’m an advocate for the property. But that’s the problem with inconsistent hotels, which happens frequently at airports, which have few multi-night customers. So much depends on when you check in, who is at the desk and other factors that I wouldn’t know which way to go with this hotel. Handle with care.



Great proactive customer service, nice upgrade without asking. Value can't be beat.


It gets noisy due to the proximity to the airport. They had oatmeal raisin cookies at the front desk instead of chocolate chip.





Overall Rating


The polar opposite of my first stay. Everything was excellent. If it were based on this stay alone, I wouldn't hesitate to come back.


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