Review: Hilton Garden Inn Napa

Napa has a lot of beautiful hotels that are often quite expensive, in part because the area can support the high price tag. One weekend I needed a hotel there and was dismayed to find that not only were the prices sky-high but there weren’t even many rooms available. I finally selected the Hilton Garden Inn Napa, and it was only after I arrived that I figured out why it was so busy in town – it was Nascar weekend.


The hotel is located a few exits away from the downtown area which makes it also close to the freeway for easy access, but not so close that you hear any noise. I redeemed 60,000 points for the stay, and although I didn’t see any King beds available for booking on the website I booked two Queens, called Hilton Reservations and they were able to call the hotel and confirm a King bed which is what I really wanted since I was traveling with my husband.

Once at the check-in desk though, the hostess said she was sorry but there were no King beds available and was only able to find a notation for a King request by the agent on the phone rather than a confirmation. I considered canceling and checked online for the Marriott next door to see if they had King bed availability on points but they were sold out.

I requested to speak with the manager to see if there were any other possibilities, and she was apologetic that the reservation hadn’t gotten entered the way I had hoped. After checking her system carefully, she was able to find a King room. It was much appreciated, as I really didn’t want to have two Queen beds.


M Hilton Garden Inn Napa Bed

The room she assigned me was on the 3rd floor, and turned out to be a suite! Before opening the door I saw a doorbell with had a sign that it was an accessible room. I don’t care for rooms with roll-in showers but prepared myself since I was just grateful to be getting a room with a King bed. I appreciated having the bedroom separate from the sitting room, and the getting a suite was a very nice surprise. The bed was fairly comfortable albeit a bit too soft, and had lamps shaped like bamboo shoots on each of the bedside tables. The thermostat was above the bench, and the room was perfectly cool. The air conditioning panel in the corner by the closet made a thump thump thump sound as the cover banged into the wall repeatedly but I wedged a small towel in between the metal cover and the wall and that stopped.

I actually slept pretty well, and there was no noise from any of the nearby rooms. Even some luxury properties leave something to be desired when it comes to the drapes and noise. The drapes closed completely in this room which blocked the outside light.


M Hilton Garden Inn Bath

Peering in the bathroom door I saw the sink area was without a ton of counter space and no storage underneath, which seemed able accommodate a wheelchair. The wall next to the toilet had a roll bar. The shower though, left me stumped. It wasn’t roll-in at all but had a a step in tub with handle on two sides and a shower curtain. I wondered how someone would be able to use the shower if they were in a chair. It was a nice tub with jacuzzi jets though and the shower water pressure was good.

Sitting Area

M Hilton Garden Inn Sitting Rm

The sitting room was decorated with pleasant colors and artwork. I think when I opened the door I actually said, “wow this is nice” in a surprised tone. Between the bathroom and the bedroom was a small refrigerator and a countertop. There was also a microwave, which I thought was a thoughtful addition so those bringing leftovers back to the room after wine tastings could heat it up for a later time. The closet was just large enough to allow for a suitcase to be opened up inside. There was a small padded bench that took up some of the walkway room, so again I wondered how someone in a wheelchair would manage in this tight space. The bench made for a nice extra place to sit in the room other than the bed though.


Breakfast is typically $12.95 but Hilton Diamonds receive it for free which was a great perk at this hotel. The crepes are a standout at this breakfast, but there was a lot to choose from. Even though there were just a handful of crepe options on the board and menu, the server mentioned that the chef was happy to make any sort of crepe that I wanted. All I had to do was choose what I wanted inside, and could choose any side as well. My crepe came out quickly, and had lacy edges that were just slightly crunchy as I had requested.

Elite Status Recognition & Benefits

I appreciated that the manager actually worked to find a room with a King to fit my original request even during a busy weekend, rather than just saying there weren’t any King beds without even checking. The upgrade to a suite was a pleasant surprise. Since they put me in a suite it may have been due to my Hilton Diamond status or it could have simply been great customer service. The Diamond free breakfast was stellar, especially for a Hilton Garden Inn. Not only was there a buffet, but also a menu and board of specialties and the food was great.

Cost & Summary

The going rate for the night I stayed was high at $259, so redeeming 60,000 points was a good choice for me.
The breakfast was much better than I would expect from a Hilton Garden Inn property, the staff was friendly and the room was quiet. The customer service I received from the manager at check-in was outstanding. The lobby also offered fruit flavored water and cookies throughout the day. If this property had upgraded beds and linens, I would really consider this to be a more of a boutique hotel than a standard hotel.



Suite was large, quiet, clean and comfortable
Breakfast was delicious, especially the crepes
Customer service was helpful and guest oriented


Air conditioning panel thumped against the wall
Bed was a bit too soft
Sink area in bathroom didn't have much counter space






Overall Rating


Convenient location, stellar customer service and proper restaurant-style breakfast made this a great stay. I would not hesitate to choose this hotel again if looking in the Napa area.



  1. Zomy Woof says

    One thing that I don’t like about Hilton Garden Inns and Marriott Courtyards is the A/C & heater unit. As you describe it “thumbs against the wall”. Even when they don’t thumb they always seem to be too noisy making it a difficult sleep.

    • Melinda Danielsen says

      I’m with you, Zomy Woof. Even though I’m a huge fan of centralized air and good sleep is arguably the most important part of any hotel stay, the installation/maintenance cost is often cheaper for wall or window units and cost-sensitive properties often go with those instead.

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