New York La Guardia Sky Club (Terminal C)

In the pit of despair that is La Guardia, the C terminal Delta Sky Club is a welcome, although hardly spectacular, respite from the rest of the airport. It’s a good place to stop if you need a quick drink or to catch up on some work before your flight.



Located not far from the food court, the La Guardia Sky Club is relatively easy to find. Near the entrance, you will be checked in and can follow up at the “full-service desk” for flight-related issues. I’ve generally had good experiences at the club desk, but it has also been the scene of any weak service that I’ve received (although I’ve never seen anyone who looked as miserable as the folks that work at the entrance to the American Lounge, down the hall). I visited the club this afternoon while traveling for business.


Given that real estate sells at a premium at La Guardia, you should not expect much in the way of amenities. The club itself is spacious enough and offers plenty of seating and, more importantly, electrical outlets. But looking for a shower or a “quiet room?” Don’t expect much. As I entered, there was a woman playing with a small baby. The baby was well behaved but, had she started screaming, she would have been heard anywhere. It has all the basics that a business traveler should need, however, and the terminal is small enough that you can leave the club shortly before your flight is going to take off.


The Spread

A few years ago, Delta raised the prices of the club and promised to upgrade its offerings from the small Biscoffs and wilted vegetables. And you know what? They did. While the club is still trails its international peers in terms of the quality of its offerings, it has gotten significantly better, with two varieties of soups, nice-looking fruit and vegetables, cheese and hummus dips and somewhat edible cookies supplementing the snack mix. But if you want the really good stuff, such as the high-end alcohol, you’ll still have to pay up.


Bottom Line

The La Guardia Sky club is not the finest lounge in the system but it is more than adequate. Considering the number of customers that are spending only a short time there or on the way to the shuttle, it should meet most people’s needs.



Decent selection of food, plenty of seating and outlets, good wi-fi


Small and lacking in many amenities. Service is usually good but has lapses.



Size and Comfort

Food and Beverage

Overall Rating


The La Guardia Sky Club in terminal C is a good place to stop if you need a quick refresh or some down time.


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