Hotel Riders of the Rich & Famous Revealed

Are you curious what Kanye West requires in his hotel room? How about Jay Z or Beyoncé?

We’ve heard of outrageous riders (contract requirements) that music celebrities have for their backstage areas and dressing rooms during performances. Ideally, they are a way for a performer to minimize the possibility of anything preventing them from putting on an absolutely stellar performance. This is often accomplished by providing the performers with comforts of their choosing or things that inspire them.

Did you know that riders sometimes extend to hotels too? Read on for a glimpse of some hotel riders of the Rich & Famous.

Us Weekly Magazine reports on rapper Jay Z’s list of hotel musts. It starts out reasonable enough, with some simple requests like wanting his hotel rooms to be set at 71 degrees. He also doesn’t want any vacuuming near his room, presumably because of noise. Being a celebrity, it is also certainly acceptable that he doesn’t want staff to ask for free concert tickets.

M Concert

I’m not so sure about the three $80 Mayan tuberose-scented candles though. Wouldn’t just one Diptypque Tubereuse candle at $60 be good enough? Plus the Champagne request seems a little cheeky since the hotel presumably has to pay for it even if the rapper does own Ace of Spades.

Here’s Jay Z’s list according to Us Weekly

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 2.10.06 PM

During Beyonce’s 2013 world tour, Daily Mail reported that superstar Queen B required red toilet paper, new toilet seats, and chilled alkaline water.

Performing undoubtedly works up quite a thirst so the alkaline water request is a gimme. Maybe Beyoncé Knowles has an aversion to germs much like Lucky with One Mile at a Time and just tries to modify her environment the best she can so she wants the reassurance of clean toilet seats. I’m not sure what the deal is with the colored toilet paper though.

M Beyonce Toilet Paper

TMZ has the scoop on Kanye West’s hotel rider. I applaud his good hygiene in asking for dental floss, even noting his minty preference.

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 2.55.47 PM

He is a Kashi GoLean cereal lover, which is a healthy food to have around even if he does want to wash it down with $3,200 worth of booze. His list turns a tiny bit strange though, with his request that all vases to be cylindrical. I know very little about the music industry so I won’t begrudge him his need for a Genelecs 1031a speaker (which I had to look up to see) but think it perhaps a bit tough for some hotels to provide though since the $2000 item isn’t currently in production.

M Speaker

I’m scratching my head on his request for only black towels. Have you ever even seen black towels in a hotel?

Here’s Kanye West’s list according to TMZ

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 2.09.12 PM

Former Vice President Dick Cheney was reported to have a few hotel requirements of his own while on the road, according to the smoking gun. Just like Jay Z, the room temperature had to be set at a specific level – 68 degrees. All the televisions were required to be on, turned to the Fox News Channel, and decaf coffee was to be ready upon arrival along with four cans of caffeine-free Diet Sprite. Notes about a carafe, extra lamps, and certain newspapers were made as well but the smoking gun was unable to verify if those notes were made by staffers.

M News channel

Dick Cheney’s requirements seem rather tame indeed, especially when matched up with some music “royalty” requests. If you were on tour as a musician, what hotel rider requests would you insist upon?

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  1. Randy Petersen says

    My only hotel rider would be that all of the associated hotel charges related to my ‘entourage’ need to be added to my specific hotel room so that I was earning all the bonus points for the entire hotel stay. No “Master Bill”, no limit to the number of rooms that can apply to my hotel bill for bonus points. I was never a big fan of just blue M&Ms anyway.

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