Vegas Hidden Gems: The Berlin Wall, Amazing Antiques & $1.75 Craft Beer All Under One Roof

While Downtown Las Vegas is known for the lights of the Fremont Street Experience and a very festive atmosphere, there is much more to discover just beyond the surface. Over the past few years several museums have opened in the area, but did you know one casino has had a mini-museum of their own for years?

Main Street Station is located just one block from the Fremont Street Experience. It isn’t the nicest casino or most modern, but it has a homely feel. Besides having an award winning micro-brewery (tip: you can get their craft beers at the casino bar for $1.75 or free from cocktail waitresses if you are gambling), the casino contains a nice collection of antiques including: street lamps from Brussels, Buffalo Bill Cody’s railroad car and even a piece of the Berlin Wall.

You can of course wander around the property trying to find everything, but thankfully there is a much easier way. Just head over to the front desk and ask for a map and guide. (Vegas Experience has a high-res PDF of the guide.) On one side you will see a map and suggested route for the tour, while on the other you can read a brief history of each of the artifacts.

IMG_20150608_194916An Unadvertised Gem

While there is a lot of fascinating stuff to see, one of the most interesting artifacts has been left off of the guide all together. Located above the casino on the unmarked second floor, is a neat piece of history. Getting there can be challenging, since it is mostly unmarked. Just find the elevator located next to the East Entrance on Main Street. It sits under the charming old “Lift” sign.

The elevator itself is something to marvel at. As it whisks you up to the second floor you will notice a beautiful piece of stained glass along with an unmarked bust. Once you arrive, off to the left you will notice a large snooker table. This elegant hand carved table once belonged to Winston Churchill. Most of the other antique furniture on this floor is equally as impressive.

IMG_20150608_194947Berlin Wall Tip

While everything else in this mini museum is fairly easy to get to, for some reasons the owners decided to stick the Berlin Wall behind a block of urinals in the men’s bathroom. Despite the rather closed off location, I am told everyone can see it. If asked nicely, employees have been known to block off the bathroom to allow everyone to get a peak and a picture.

Bottom Line

Nowhere else in the world can you see the Berlin Wall, learn some history and then finish by drinking an award winning craft beer for $1.75. Main Street Station, like Las Vegas itself, is unique and definitely warrants a five minute diversion from the noise and lights of the Fremont Street Experience. You can find out more about the casino’s antique collection on their website.

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