The New EuroBonus

The New EuroBonus

SAS EuroBonus is introducing several changes to the program starting April 1, 2014, including reaching Silver status with fewer required flights and a new status level, Diamond, for the most frequent flyers, among other changes.

Silver status will be reached after 10 one-way flights instead of 20 and Silver members will have limited access to SAS Lounges (except SAS Gold Lounge) and fast-track security at selected airports in Scandinavia on international flights. Lounge access worldwide and fast-track security in Scandinavia and Finland is valid July 1 through Aug. 31 and Dec. 15 through Jan. 15 when traveling on SAS and Wideroe. Silver members can take one guest or up to four family members into the lounge.

Although members can now take five roundtrip flights instead of 10 roundtrip flights to earn Silver status, the amount of Basic points to earn Silver is not changing from 20,000 Basic points. (Basic points are earned with SAS and partner airline flights.)

Gold members, those who have taken 50 one-way flights or earned 50,000 Basic points, will have new benefits including the ability to gift a Silver membership, two additional checked bags for free and increased availability for SAS award flights to European destinations.

The new Diamond level will be reached when taking 100 one-way flights or earning 100,000 Basic points. Diamond status offers all the benefits of Gold status as well as the ability to gift a Gold status card, plus increased availability for SAS award flights is extended worldwide. Diamond members’ points will not expire as long as the members keep their Diamond status. For more information about these changes, visit

Bottom line: With these changes, the bad news for elite members is that they will no longer earn bonus points when flying as an elite member. Silver members will lose the 15-percent bonus Basic points they’ve been enjoying with each SAS, Wideroe and Estonian Air flight and Gold will lose their 25-percent flight bonus.

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