Lufthansa Miles & More Changes

Lufthansa Miles & More Changes

Lufthansa will be making changes to mileage earning in lower-priced economy classes and adding additional ways to acknowledge elite members in the coming months. Lufthansa Miles & More Frequent Traveller, Senator and HON Circle members will receive their choice of additional benefits when completing a designated number of flights. Threshold requirements and the corresponding new amenities and services will be announced in January. Also to be announced in detail in January, elite members who have retained status for many years will receive status stars on their membership cards.

Mileage earning will decrease on some economy flights, effective Jan. 1, 2014. International flights in E, K, L and T will earn half as many miles. Flights in these fare classes will earn 25 percent of miles flown (from 50 percent) and a minimum of 250 miles (from 500 miles). Flights in Q, S, V, W will earn 50 percent of miles flown (from 100 percent) and a minimum of 250 miles (from 500 miles). On flights in T class within Europe, members will earn 125 miles (from 750 miles) and S, W flights will earn 500 miles (from 750 miles). On flights in E, T within Germany, members will earn 125 miles (from 500 miles) and 250 miles (from 500 miles) in Q, S, V, W. Members will also no longer be able to upgrade from T class flights within Europe beginning Jan. 1, 2014.

Bottom line: For members flying on discounted economy flights, expect to earn half as many miles or less when these changes go into effect next year. On T class flights within Europe, mileage earning drops to one sixth. Elite members, however, can expect to receive additional perks next year.

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