ANA Mileage Club's New Look

ANA Mileage Club's New Look

ANA has made some changes to Mileage Club including changes to the validity period of miles, adding a class-of-service bonus, a simplified way to gain elite and the amount of miles needed for awards will depend on the distance flown. Miles will now expire the 36th month after the date of activity on a rolling basis. Previously, miles expired at the end of the second year after the date of activity, from 25-36 months.

Members who travel with a Premium fare will now earn a 25-50 percent mileage bonus depending on the distance they fly — in the past, members earned 100 miles with SuperSeat regardless of fare or distance flown.

Redeeming awards will now be by distance both domestically and internationally so some roundtrip awards within Japan will be available for 12,000 miles where previously they would have been 15,000 miles. This also means that some awards that were once 15,000 miles are now 18,000 miles. A new system of redeeming awards by season has also been introduced where members either save or need to spend more depending on the time of year they fly. For example, a roundtrip award ticket between Osaka and Tokyo can range from 11,000 to 12,000 to 15,000 depending on when you want to fly. The blackout dates have been eliminated with this new program and season rates do not apply to International first class awards.

Changes to the elite program include a more simplified way to earn premium points toward elite and Diamond members can spend twice the amount of miles for an anytime, any seat award.

Other changes have been implemented in the program. For full information, visit

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