Brussels: Airline Launches Reward Program

Brussels: Airline Launches Reward Program

Belgian airline SN Brussels has launched a new program in which frequent flyers can trade rewards for free mobile phone content, delivered in real-time. Members of the airline’s Privilege loyalty program can now redeem miles for ring tones and wallpapers in a matter of seconds.

Although the program is open to those who earn larger amounts of points, SN Brussels is also hoping to see redemptions from members with smaller accounts. SN Brussels’ flight awards begin at 10,000 miles, but the new mobile phone downloads can be redeemed for between 250 and 750 miles. SN Brussels Airlines said it also plans to launch additional mobile products for its frequent flyers during 2006.

The system effectively links the member’s mobile phone handset with the IT system of the airline’s loyalty program. In a matter of seconds data is verified, acquiring an authorization, recording the transaction, and finally debiting the mileage balance — all in real-time. All the member has to do is to send an SMS to a special number, containing a particular keyword for the type of media required, followed by their loyalty program membership number and their PIN (to prevent fraudulent redemptions).

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