EasyJet Eyes Loyalty Program

EasyJet Eyes Loyalty Program

EasyJet is considering a frequent flyer program and other service “frills” as it strives to make itself more attractive to business travelers, according to The Times Online.

Airline spokesman Toby Nicol told The Times that one very basic plan under consideration “would be something along the lines of ‘buy 25 and get one free.'” Other potential perks might include fee-based priority check-in, lounge access and allocated seating.

EasyJet passengers interviewed by The Times are mixed in their reactions. Some would like to see the airline worry less about perks and more about being on time. Others are wary of the idea of subsidizing free flights with increased ticket prices.

But easyJet seems intent on distancing itself from discount-rival Ryanair, at least as far as business travelers are concerned. The carrier already flies more frequently, and to more mainstream airports, than its low-cost competitor. It has a Web site devoted to corporate travelers, and has reduced its check-in waiting time substantially.

Some have taken notice. Ian Nurdin, business travel manager for Nestle UK, told The Times that his travelers have increasingly warmed to easyJet over the past couple of years. “They see it as the Emirates of the low-cost carriers,” he says.

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