India: Jet Airways Enhances Frequent Flyer Program

India: Jet Airways Enhances Frequent Flyer Program

India’s Jet Airways has revamped its Jet Privilege program, and in the process has made a radical departure from traditional program models.

Jet Airways has labeled its new approach the Dynamic Tier Review (DTR) system, and it will theoretically offer members quicker tier upgrades and better opportunities to retain their tier membership level.

In the past, members were required to complete or earn a fixed number of Jet Airways flights or miles within the pre-determined time frame of one financial year. Not any longer. Now member activity will be automatically reviewed on a daily basis. The DTR will ensure that with each calendar date, the time frame slides a day ahead. If a member meets the applicable criteria within a shorter period of time due to regular frequency of travel, the DTR system will upgrade the member to a higher tier within six months.

According to Randy Petersen, “Traditionally, frequent flyer programs have focused on mileage accrual or redemption and fixed windows for tier assessment. Jet Airways will be the first airline to build its program based on the ‘Dynamic Tier Review’ mechanism, which offers flexibility and truly understands the customers behavior to build profitable customer relationships.”

At the end of a member’s tier validity, the DTR will review the member’s activity in the preceding 12-month period and as long as the member achieves the requisite Jet Airways flights or JP Miles, the tier will be retained for an additional 12 month period.

Additionally, the system will provide for flexible time frame evaluations for the preceding 18 and 24 months by allowing a slight reduction in the tier requirement on the longer criteria period. For instance, if a member needs 60 flights in 12 months to retain his Platinum status, in 18 months he will technically require 90. However, DTR will enable him to do this at just 84.

The new JP program now offers two additional membership levels, replacing the earlier three tier levels with five: JP Blue, JP Blue Plus, JP Silver, JP Gold and the elite JP Platinum.

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