Former El Al Critic Now Airline's Chair

Former El Al Critic Now Airline's Chair

The new El Al chairman, Yair Shamir, expressed dissatisfaction with Israel’s national airline and knowingly avoided flying with the company during some of his previous jobs. Shamir privately criticized El Al on more than one occasion, and in particular, disapproved of the company’s handling of frequent flyer upgrades, according to Haaretz News.

“I do not recall such expressions,” Shamir told Zohar Blumenkrantz. “During (my previous jobs) I flew with various airlines, including El Al. Despite this, I have no doubt that El Al has made significant strides to improve its product and its passenger service over the past decade. Its significant growth in market share, which demonstrates above all customer satisfaction, positive financial results, and the frequent flyer club, which is the best for the Israeli traveler, all testify to this trend.”

Shamir was appointed by former transportation minister Avigdor Lieberman on the eve of his recent resignation from the government. The appointment of Shamir, who replaced Michael Levy, whose term expired May 23, became official two weeks after the board approved his candidacy.

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