Spain: Iberia-Mexicana Agreement Offers More Options

Spain: Iberia-Mexicana Agreement Offers More Options

Spain and Mexico have always shared a common bond, and that bond has been strengthened even further now that Mexicana and Iberia have announced the signing of a bilateral agreement of code-share flights and frequent flyer programs.

Fernando Flores and Fernando Conte, the Chief Executive Officers of both companies respectively, signed the agreement that will go into effect as of April 1, subject to government approval. Spanish travelers can choose from over 30 Mexican destinations connecting through hubs in Mexico City and Cancun. Additionally, they will be able to reach 25 destinations in the U.S., Canada, and Central and South America.

Mexicana’s travelers will now have access to Iberia’s transatlantic flights, which can take them to more than 34 destinations in Spain, 31 in Europe, and six in Africa and the Middle East.

Frecuenta and Iberia Plus, the frequent flyer programs of both airlines, will reciprocally offer the option of accruing and redeeming miles and points.

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