Spanair Spanair Plus

Spanair Spanair Plus

Just how many ways can one spend their miles and points? The possibilities are endless — exotic travel, golf clubs, a personal chef or … a lawyer.

Yes, hiring an attorney is quite possibly the most unique way of burning miles, and it is now an option for Spanair Plus members with points to burn.

For just 300 points and 10 Euros, Legal Assistance lawyers will help solve any legal quandary you might find yourself in for an entire year. From real estate issues to problems related to over-consumption of libations, Legal Assistance will have you covered 24-hours a day 365-days a year.

Legal Assistance lawyers are not the only option; “multauto” lawyers will defend you against any traffic violations or fines you may encounter throughout the year. Multauto services will run 300 points plus 20 Euros.

To contract either of these two services, call (802) 902 078.

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