UK: Virgin Atlantic Launches Corporate Frequent Flyer Program "flyingco" Online

UK: Virgin Atlantic Launches Corporate Frequent Flyer Program "flyingco" Online

Virgin Atlantic announced that its corporate frequent flyer program, flyingco., is now available online at

Virgin Atlantic’s corporate loyalty scheme rewards both the corporate traveler and the company. Each time a corporate traveler takes a qualifying flight, they earn personal miles, as well as miles for their company’s flyingco. account.

In order for the account to be managed online, companies are requested to nominate a flyingco. administrator to handle communications and make reward bookings.

With an online account, the flyingco. company’s administrator can view and update company and account details, add and delete flying club members from the flyingco. account, view statements, redeem miles for Virgin Atlantic flights and modify their username and password.

Once a company enrolls with flyingco. it needs to earn at least 20,000 miles per year, which is the equivalent of five roundtrips in Upper Class to Boston or in Economy to Cape Town, to maintain its membership. If the company flies more than 50 round trips a year with Virgin Atlantic, they may qualify for a tailored corporate deal as an alternative.

To coincide with the launch of the flyingco. program online, there have been several changes to the program, including increased earning levels in all cabins, and no mileage expiration for accounts whose contracts are renewed.

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