World of Hyatt Finally Adds 30 All-Inclusive Hotels in Europe

In late 2021, Hyatt announced the acquisition of the AMR Collection, an all-inclusive hotel chain. It has taken a very long time for the European hotels to join World of Hyatt. Finally, it appears that most of the hotels joined World of Hyatt on December 14th, 2022.  (even though many are still closed for the winter…)

Most of the all-inclusive hotels are located in Spain

Can I Earn and Spend Points Yet?

You will earn points on your paid stays booked on  World of Hyatt members earn 5 points per US dollar spent.

You can also spend points on award stays at these all-inclusive hotels.  However, a few dummy bookings suggest to me that you would struggle to receive good value for your Hyatt points if you do…

Will Hyatt Run a Special Promotion?

I certainly hope so!  When a number of Caribbean hotels joined World of Hyatt, you could earn 5,000 points for a 3+ night stay.  (click here for details)

But, for now, Hyatt has made no mention of another all-inclusive specific promotion. (or for that matter, a chain-wide promotion for early 2023…)

Bottom Line

Some of these hotels might be best avoided – especially if you have no intention of flying to Europe to stay at an all-inclusive resort.  But these hotels could be quite useful for Europe-based World of Hyatt members – some might even be cheap enough off-season to contemplate a mattress run or two…

In any event, it’s great to see these hotels finally join World of Hyatt.

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