Air Canada Aeroplan is Selling Points with a Massive Bonus

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Air Canada’s Aeroplan program has launched its latest bonus offer for buying points. This so-called “Mystery Bonus” is offering members a 105-115% bonus.

My account was offered a 105% bonus, although I don’t need to buy quite so many points to reach that maximum bonus…

How Does This Compare to Other Aeroplan Bonus Offers?

I don’t write about each and every one… but I am writing about this one because Aeroplan’s best bonuses tend to top out at 100%. If your account is targetted for a 115% bonus, that’s about as high as it has ever been…

How Much Do Aeroplan Points Cost?

The regular price of Aeroplan points is 3.5 cents Canadian (~2.6 US cents) each.  With bonuses, you could be paying:

  • 1.22 US cents per point – 115% bonus
  • 1.28 US cents per point – 105% bonus

Why Aeroplan?

No Surcharges

Aeroplan doesn’t charge them! As a result, you want to book Lufthansa award flights with a currency such as Aeroplan points.

5,000 Point Stopovers

Stopovers are a very powerful tool for travel hackers. It can be as simple as flying to London, staying there for a week before flying onwards to Vienna.  Or it can be more complicated – such as arranging your stopover point to be your home town –> meaning that you can possibly arrange two holidays for the price of one…  😉


Besides the usual Star Alliance suspects, Aeroplan also partners with Etihad, Air Serbia, Virgin Australia, Gulf Air, Oman Air.  More partners = more award opportunities!

Bottom Line

Although many of us like to earn our airline miles with a credit card, buying miles is a useful discipline. It might make more sense to spend on a cashback credit card, and use that cash to buy miles during excellent promotions such as this one.

And, naturally, if you do your sums correctly, you can pick up lots of bargains on international Business or First Class travel…


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