Should You Buy Marriott Points with a 25% Discount?

Marriott Bonvoy is offering a 25% discount on points purchases until December 20, 2022. You must buy at least 2,000 points to receive the discount.

Does it Make Sense?

The regular price of a Marriott point is 1.25 cents. A 25% discount means that you would be paying 0.94 cents per point.

If you are redeeming points at expensive hotels using Marriott’s fifth night free award pricing, you can occasionally find a bargain by buying points (instead of paying cash). You are less likely to find value when redeeming points for shorter stays…

Marriott Bonvoy points also have a useful floor value – converting them to airline miles. 60,000 Marriott points will convert into 25,000 miles in a large number of frequent flyer programs. (except for 3!)

MOST IMPORTANTLY, however, a 25% discount is one of the weakest offers Marriott has come up with. You should expect to see a 45-55% bonus promotion come along in early 2023.

Bottom Line

If you are absolutely desperate for some Marriott points, a 25% discount is better than nothing. But most people should just wait for a better offer to come along…