Norse Atlantic Will be Flying Between The US And London Soon

Norse Atlantic Airways (basically Norwegian Air mark 2) will soon be able to run flights between the US and London Gatwick, now that it has received its UK Operating Licence (OL) and Air Operator Certificate AOC).

The airline believes that there is a strong demand for low-cost air travel between the US and the UK. Bjorn Tore Larsen, the CEO of Norse Atlantic Airways, said

“The United Kingdom will be a vital part of our network going forward and the granting of an AOC and Operating Licence by the UK Civil Aviation Authority to Norse Atlantic will provide further choice and affordable prices to consumers…

We are proud to be employing local pilots and cabin crew at our London Gatwick base and have established close working relationships with the British pilot union BALPA.”

Flights will be operated by both UK and US cabin crews.

Norse is looking at routes between Gatwick and several US destinations subject to further regulatory approval. The airline is particularly interested in direct routes not currently being offered by rival airlines.

The airline operates Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft and offers two cabin choices, Economy and Premium.

Bottom Line

More competition across the Atlantic is definitely a good thing for travellers. Things might not have worked out for Norwegian, but they had a big impact on the market and helped make flying between North America and Europe more affordable for many people. Let’s hope Norse has a similar effect on the market and a bit more luck!