Register Now for Marriott’s Fall Promotion (Even Though it is Weak…)

After an excessive gap, Marriott Bonvoy has announced its latest promotion. It will run from September 21st until December 15th, 2022.

Registration is required. You can register here.

2,000 Points per Stay

The straightforward element of the promotion is that Marriott Bonvoy members can earn 2,000 bonus points for each stay, starting with the second stay.

With Marriott, only paid stays qualify for promotions such as these. And, as always, a stay is defined as one or more consecutive nights spent at the same hotel.

2,000 Points per Brand

The second element of the promotion is limited to co-branded credit card holders.

It might not be immediately apparent, but this 2,000 point bonus is earned by staying at different BRANDS, starting with your second brand.

If you regularly stay at the same hotel for work, therefore, you won’t pick up 2,000 extra points per stay by being a credit card holder. You need to stay at different brands to earn this bonus.

Bottom Line

This promotion is very weak and includes the much-hated “starting from your second stay” provision – perhaps Marriott should have stuck with its summer policy of “we don’t need promotions”. 2,000 Marriott points per stay only make sense for those who typically have cheap one-night stays.

And for credit card holders, 2,000 points is a very poor return for staying at different Marriott brands.  It certainly won’t drive any new credit card applications. If Marriott really wanted to make it fun and/or worthwhile, it would have added an extra bonus for trying 5, 10, 15 etc. brands…

What do you think of this promotion? Weak? Or better than it appears? Let us know in the comments section…