Would You Book A Ticket To A Mystery Destination?

The concept of so-called ‘random trips’ in Japan gained attention last summer when the low-cost airline Peach Aviation released the “Tabikuji”, where passengers could buy flights without knowing their destination. Japan Airlines has also been offering mystery trips since 2016, when it launched “Dokokani Miles”, where airline miles could be traded for flights to random domestic locations.

Now rail operator West Japan Railway (JR West) is offering hefty discounts of up to 83% to travellers if they buy the app-based train ticket “Saikoro Kippu”, in which your trip is decided by the roll of a dice from a choice of 7 destinations. Tickets must be applied for via the app by the end of September. Click here for details.

In addition, the East Japan Railway plans to release similar mystery destinations come December, in an effort to revive travel demand post pandemic.

Bottom line

If you like surprises at a bargain price, this idea is could be worth exploring. It could also potentially stimulate the travel industry by filling last minute empty seats on all modes of transport.

Many people find planning a trip an enjoyable part of the actual “journey”, but a bit of a gamble might be fun too…

Would you be tempted to try a similar ‘travel lottery’ if the price was right?


  1. Kojo says

    It’s fine making a saving but last minute hotel prices in your unknown destination will take more than any savings you made

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