Is Daily Getaways Going to be any Good This Year?

Daily Getaways is a promotion – sponsored by the US Travel Association – that is offered annually as a way of encouraging US tourism. The promotion usually offers discounts on loyalty program points, hotel stays, hotel gift cards, etc. The first post-pandemic version of Daily Getaways ran in October 2021. 2022’s version will arrive in July.

Daily Getaways has been running for over 10 years. Over the years, however, many of the deals have gotten worse. And for those deals that remained worthwhile – such as the very cheap Hyatt points – it seemed like automated bots snapped up all of the desirable packages in milliseconds.

In any event, I’m still excited to see what Daily Getaways can manage to offer. On July 11, 2022, Daily Getaways will start previewing the deals on offer. The promotion itself will go live on July 18th.

Once we see what packages are available, it will be possible to decide which ones to aim for. If you want to sign up to be emailed directly by Daily Getaways, you can click here.

Or just keep checking back with InsideFlyer. I’ll definitely be looking to pick up some discounted hotel points (at higher discounts than the chains sell directly) and maybe even some discounted gift cards…

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