Hilton Honors Status Challenge is Updated for 2022

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If you are based in the United States and want Diamond status with Hilton Honors, you are probably aware that you can receive Diamond status by signing up for an American Express Aspire card. But if you are unwilling or unable to sign up for that specific credit card, then you might be interested in other shortcuts.

Hilton Honors has long been known for offering generous status matches, although they are structured as a challenge. The terms are published online. These have recently been updated to reflect that your status would be valid until March 31, 2024, as long as you meet the requirements of the challenge of course.

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What must I do?

Once you have successfully been approved for the status challenge, you have a 90-day trial period where you enjoy Gold status.

To keep Gold or upgrade to Diamond until March 31, 2024, you must stay (within those 90 days):

  • 7 nights for Gold status
  • 12 nights for Diamond status

Historically, reward nights have counted for these fast track challenges – it helps to charge something to your room (to earn a few points) – even though the terms specifically exclude reward nights.

It might take 7-10 days for your status match application to be approved, so I would recommend signing up two weeks in advance of a planned stay. That way, you would be sure to have Gold status for that stay, as well as maximize the 90-day period to complete the rest of the night requirements.

How do I qualify?

The most important factor is that you must CURRENTLY be a Base or Silver member.  (historically, people have tried to renew their Gold status with fast tracks, without ever dropping below Gold – this isn’t allowed)

You must also have elite status with one of:

  • Marriott Bonvoy
  • IHG Rewards
  • World of Hyatt
  • Best Western Rewards
  • Choice Privileges

Other programs are apparently no longer eligible.

You must send a copy / screenshot of your membership card and proof of a stay at a hotel (such as a screenshot of a hotel receipt or the points crediting to your account).

The full terms are available here…

Bottom line

Since Hilton Honors has been very generous during the pandemic with status extensions, many readers will already have their Hilton status secured until 2023 or beyond.

But if you are tempted to move to Hilton Honors from another hotel chain (where you hold elite status), then now might be the time to sign up for this status challenge.


  1. Eric Silvester says

    Is anyone else able to login on the Hilton Status Match page?

    I can’t the page hangs with a spinning timer after entering the account number and password. I can log in to my account on the normal web page OK but not the Status Match page.

    Rang Hilton Customer Services who said try again in a couple of hours but that was days ago and it still hangs when trying to log in.

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