British Airways Executive Club Is STILL Down – What’s Going On?

British Airways Executive Club recently went offline for a few days for a scheduled upgrade, but was supposed to be back up and running by “the morning of 17 November 2021 (GMT)”. However, it seems that things haven’t gone entirely to plan…

As of now (21:20 GMT on the 18th of November 2022 – more than 30 hours later than scheduled), this is the message you will see if you try to log in to your BA Executive Club account:

For many members, this isn’t a minor inconvenience – the list of things you are unable to do is substantial.

BA acknowledged the severity of these limitations by sending repeated emails in advance of the scheduled shut down, explaining that members should get anything they needed sorted out in advance. That’s all well and good, but not much help if the shut down then goes on way beyond the deadline.

If you really are desperate to access your account, BA representatives are advising the following on twitter:

Bottom line

BA’s IT projects often seem to go wrong or take longer than anticipated (they’re certainly not the only ones, but it does seem to be a pattern).

If they knew there was a risk of further delays, why not announce a longer ‘upgrade’ time and then beat expectations by getting the job done sooner if possible? Or, at the very least, warn members that there was a possibility things might overrun.

At time of publication, there is still no official word as to when it is now hoped the work might be completed…

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