100 Free Avios – IF You Have a Good VPN

North American readers might not be familiar with Iberia Airlines’ online shopping portal – IberiaPluStore. Even though it works in exactly the same way as the online shopping portals offered by the major airlines, it can be hard to find.

First you need to find the country dropdown box in the middle of Iberia’s homepage.

The IberiaPluStore will then become an option within the IberiaPlus dropdown menu.

Why Bother?

The vast majority of merchants available on IberiaPluStore are Spanish, or would charge substantial sums to ship overseas. But what might interest you is 100 free Avios from Showroomprive.

In order to receive these 100 Avios, you must agree to receive what you will perceive to be spam emails.  Many of us have secondary email accounts that we use for these sorts of opportunities – rather than clog up our main email with unwanted emails.

There is no obligation to buy anything.

The most important element to highlight is that you can only qualify for the 100 Avios if you sign-up from a Spanish IP address. Unless you happen to visit Spain soon, this means that you will need a VPN service that allows you your choice of “host” countries.


Your Mileage May Vary as they say…  I can’t guarantee that you will receive 100 free Avios if you access this offer from the United States via a VPN service. But it costs you nothing more than a few minutes of effort to try…

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