Get $14 For Free – Why This UK Cashback Site Works Well For Americans…

We have previously flagged the excellent cashback site, a site which allows you to earn straightforward cashback on purchases from a variety of travel (and non-travel) related retailers.

However, there is no obvious reason why those in the US cannot also take advantage of the UK site, and there are two principal reasons you should consider doing this:

Number 1: It has a sign up bonus

If you sign up to the UK version of TopCashback, you’ll get a £10 sign up bonus (~$14) when you make your first purchase of £10 or more.

It doesn’t matter whether you have already received a sign up bonus via, you will still be eligible for the UK bonus.

Number 2: It sometimes offers better rates on your spend!

This is a big one. Clearly if you are US-based, a number of retailers are ruled out where delivery is required. However, when it comes to travel, the options will often take you to exactly the same website ( etc), but with a different rate of cashback applying.

Take, for example. You can currently get a good 7% cashback on

But that goes to a much more impressive 10% on

Clearly, is however you access it. The only difference here is that your rebate is substantially higher!

Meanwhile, Radisson International is 6% with the US website:

But a substantially more generous 8.4% with the UK version of TopCashback:

Hardly surprisingly, the imbalance in the cashback rates can work the other way, too. But in these circumstances, just go with!

You have a GBP balance – can you cash out?

Cashing out is easy via Paypal, regardless of where you are based.

You can simply cash out the GBP into your Paypal Account, and either have it immediately converted to USD, or hold it in a GBP account within Paypal and convert it at your convenience.