How To Earn Cashback On Hilton Stays

free hilton points

A nice but often overlooked benefit on Hilton bookings (in addition to the generally quite generous points promotions available), is the ability to earn cashback on the stay.

Book your Hilton stays via and you’ll earn 4% cashback if you’re not a Hilton Honors member (or are a Blue, “no status” Hilton Honors member), or 1% cashback if you are a Hilton Silver, Gold or Diamond member.

Note that Hotels in China, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea, and Saudi Arabia are excluded from any cashback, however.

Should I book the stay without adding my Hilton status, for the extra cashback?

Almost certainly not. If you are a Gold or Diamond member, the loss of an additional 3% cashback is almost certainly more than made up for by the status benefits (free breakfast, enhanced points earning etc). I’d imagine that’s very likely the case with Silver too (plus the stay will help you build towards Gold), but it may be worth totting up the savings you would make if you stay as a non-Honors member. The mere fact you’ll earn 2000 bonus points on the stay if you sign up here may, in itself, be almost enough to get you over the “stay as a Silver member” line.

Will I lose my status benefits for booking via a cashback site?

This is a crucial question with a clear answer – no you will not. Booking via a cashback site is effectively no different to booking directly with Hilton. They are not an intermediary “travel agent”, just a means of introducing you directly to Hilton. All status benefits, Honors points-earning opportunities etc will apply.

Of course, we fully appreciate that Hilton stays are unlikely to be at the top of many people’s “to-do” list right now. However, if you are booking an upcoming stay, or indeed a future stay for those heady days, that will come, where Covid no longer blights our travel plans, then don’t forget this option.