So Now It’s 2,500 Then 5,000 Free Miles!

Keeping up with Qatar’s ever-increasing sign-up bonuses is not easy.

First in February they offered a bonus of 1000 free miles for simply signing up to its frequent flyer programme.

I then wrote yesterday about how they had improved this offer, indeed expressly concluding that “this is as generous an offer as we have seen”. Well it was, but it’s not now.

Last night Qatar sent out some additional promo material offering 2,500 instant miles if you sign up here and use the promo code OAT3SMQ121 in the “Enrolment promo code” box.

Do not forget to add the promo code. You simply won’t get the bonus miles if you don’t, and they will not be retrospectively added.

Like all the other offers, the sign-up bonus will  end on 30 April 2021. However, it’s also improved the second part of the promo. You will now not only get the instant, improved, free 2,500 miles, you will also get an additional bonus 5,000 (up from 4,000) miles on your next flight with Qatar Airways.

The flight for the bonus miles needs to be made by 30 September 2021, but the 2,500 miles will be yours regardless.

While I apologise if you locked yourself in to the 1,000 points bonus at our prompting, we can only report the latest offers. While it seems nothing can be ruled out, I think this is probably now as generous as the offer will get. Of course, you could just abandon yesterday’s account and rejoin today!

Ok, let’s see what offer they have tomorrow…

Cover photo courtesy of Qatar Airways

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