1000 Free Miles Then 4000 More Free Miles – Qatar Airways Ups Its Offer

It was widely reported in February that Qatar Airways Privilege Club was offering a bonus of 1,000 free miles for simply signing up to its frequent flyer programme. That’s not a bad starting point for membership in a frequent flyer programme.

Privilege Club has just improved this offer however! While the offer still ends on April 30th,  2021, you will now not only get an instant free 1,000 miles for signing up via this link, you will also get an additional bonus 4,000 miles on your next flight with Qatar Airways (that you of course must credit to Privilege Club).

The flight that triggers the bonus miles must be made by September 30th, 2021, but the 1,000 miles will remain yours regardless of whether you manage to fly on Qatar Airways this year.

If you’re not yet a member of Qatar Airways Privilege Club, now is absolutely the time to join. This is as generous an offer as we have seen.

Is Privilege Club any good?

Privilege Club is not a loyalty program we feature regularly on InsideFlyer. It cost itself a significant amount of credibility when it shoved through a massive devaluation back in 2018. However, it is much-improved lately, with a number of interesting sweet spots (very often between Europe and Singapore).

Those Qatar Airways bargains should return one day

It’s been some time since we posted about some of Qatar’s genuinely stunning Business Class offers (in their excellent Business Class product). However, keep an eye on InsideFlyer and be the first to know when those (occasionally) sub $1000 return long-haul business flights are once more available.


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