London loses its name as ‘Best connected city’

Boeing 777-200 push back in Dubai (Source: British Airways)

When it comes to air connections, the British capital was long known for the best connections in the world. This is not only because the city has several airports, but also because many airlines fly to London. British Airways also plays an important role in this. It will come as no surprise that London was unable to welcome as much passengers it normally would due to the COVID-19 crisis. London now lost its name as ‘Best connected city’.

London vs. Shanghai

In recent months, almost all airports worldwide have handled considerably fewer passenger flights. Freight transport, on the other hand, took off. For example, several airlines provided a special airlifts for the transport of medical goods. Some airlines even operated passenger Boeing 747s for this.

London has long been known as the best connected city in the world, according aviation organization IATA. The capital of the United Kingdom connects many cities around the globe. Of course with the help of national carrier British Airways. But there are also dozens of other airlines that normally fly to London.

It goes without saying that London processed far fewer flights in the past 12 months. Compared to last year, the amount of flights even decreased by two-thirds. The decrease in flights did not only occur in Europe, of course. But here the decrease seems proportionally higher. That means that London must cede the status of the best connected city to Shanghai. The Chinese city was the runner-up last year.

Shanghai currently is the best connected city in the world according to IATA (Image source: Unsplash / Edward He)

New ranking

The new ranking appears to be mainly influenced by the ‘new structure’ in the aviation industry. Some airlines have ceased to exist, others suffer strongly from the current global crisis. Fewer flights are operated everywhere. But proportionally, the US and Europe operate less flights than countries in Asia, for example. That is why you will now find many mainly Chinese cities in the ranking. After Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and Chengdu are the best connected cities. Chicago, Los Angeles, Dallas and Atlanta are also on the list. London now takes place 8.


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