Comfortable Travel with BAGTAG + $11 Discount

There are different kinds of gadgets that can help to make travelling more easy and comfortable. You can think about some interesting baggage items or gadgets such as the Airmate. A handy gadget attached on the seat in front of you. You can click your phone or tablet in the Airmate and watch movies easily. Prior to your flight it’s also possible to make the journey more comfortable while using the gadget called BAGTAG. In this article we’ll explain why + we offer you a nice discount on BAGTAG products.

Comfortable travel

Every flight will start at the airport. First, you have to check-in your baggage at the right counter. Almost every time you have to wait in queue to the counter. Next, you will get your paper boarding pass and a baggage tag will be attached to your baggage. All of these steps take a lot of time and can cause a less comfortable part of your journey. 

According to the BAGTAG company, the start could be a lot more comfortable and sustainable. The company came up with something for that. It was founded in 2014 and the aim was to develop a gadget that made it possible to check in everywhere. It also had to be possible to put your bagage tag on your check-in baggage at home. And this in turn means that you no longer have to wait in long waiting lines at the airport until it’s your turn to check-in your baggage. 

With BAGTAG there were two other goals. Firstly, the goal was to reduce the big amount of paper luggage tags, which is better for the environment. The other goal was to ensure that less baggage is lost at the airport. The gadget should make it be easier to read baggage labels. With these goals in mind the BAGTAG- idea was born.

What is a BAGTAG and why is it useful?

BAGTAG is an electronic baggage tag (EBT). It works very simply. As soon as you have purchased a BAGTAG, you can link it to your baggage according to the instructions. When you can check-in for your flight, you choose the option to use BAGTAG for your baggage label. You can do this with the airline’s app. This app loads the necessary information onto your BAGTAG, and you’re good to go!

Now you only have to go to the airport and leave your luggage at the designated counter. In the video below, BAGTAG shows how useful the gadget can be.


There are many reasons why the BAGTAG can be an advantage when traveling with checked bagage. Certainly, during the COVID-19 pandemic, you want to have fewer contact moments. We have listed the benefits for you here:

  • You can easily check-in your luggage at home or wherever you want.
  • No long queues (improved social distancing), stress or contacts with others.
  • You are in control of your entire baggage check-in process.
  • You can return your checked baggage at a special counter at the airport.
  • No more paper luggage tags: better for the environment.
  • The readability of the BAGTAG is better than the traditional paper baggage labels. The chance of your luggage going missing is therefore smaller.
  • BAGTAG can already be used at KLM, Lufthansa, SWISS, Austrian and China Southern. And many more may follow in the foreseeable future.

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