Hilton Honors credits all 2020 nights for 2021

Once again there is good news for Hilton Honors members. Already a few months ago Hilton was one of the first global hotel chains to extend the status of its members for at least one year. Now the hotel chain has communicated another positive innovation for its loyal customers, which among other things should be an incentive to spend a few more nights in hotels from the Hilton portfolio even in 2020.

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Hilton will roll over all 2020 elite qualifying nights into 2021

As Hilton Honors announced today, all qualifying nights from 2020 will be credited to the next status year. This will help customers to more easily maintain their status in 2020. For example, if a Hilton Gold Member spends a total of 15 nights in hotels of the Hilton portfolio by the end of December 2021, they will count towards next year’s status. In this case, you do not start with 0 in the new status year, but with 15 nights.

Hilton Honors

This way, all the nights you have spent prior to the global travel restrictions are not lost. Of course, this also applies to nights that you are currently staying or will be staying in the coming months in hotels within the Hilton global portfolio.

Hilton extends elite status & more

Already a few months ago Hilton extended the elite status of its members. A status that would have expired at the end of March this year was extended until the end of March 2021. A status that would have expired next year at the end of March, i.e. for which one should have qualified this year, was extended until the end of March 2022. In addition, the expiration of Hilton points has been suspended, at least until the end of September 2021.

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But this is not everything. Hilton extended the expiration date of all unexpired Weekend Night Rewards as of March 11, 2020, and all new ones issued until August 30, 2020, through the end of next summer (August 31, 2021).

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