etihad travel voucher

Etihad Airways have launched a limited time promotion that is potentially quite lucrative, so lucrative that it makes you wonder about the financial health of the airline.

Between now and 24 June, 2020, you can buy a “travel voucher” from Etihad and receive an additional 50% in face value.

In simple terms, you give Etihad $1,000 today and you will be able to spend $1,500 on Etihad flights during the next two years. There’s no messing around with booking actual flights and then cancelling for a voucher “refund” with bonus, or booking a flight to Doha and then changing the final destination to Melbourne. You also don’t have to worry about a headline discount only applying to the base fare (and not taxes / surcharges) or for availability to be heavily restricted.

How Does it Work?

Firstly, you must become a member of Etihad’s loyalty programme, Etihad Guest. Then you call Etihad to buy a voucher, which can be for any amount between $250 and $65,000!!  (You must pay and spend in US dollars, which might mean that you lose a bit on currency fluctuations and any hidden commissions if this is not your currency).

You will end up with an amount in your “Travel Bank”, which is very easy to use when booking flights online at

It’s also worth noting that you can book travel for anybody, not just yourself, so if you have a travel-obsessed family member, this might make an interesting Christmas present!

The Bottom Line

The mathematically-inclined amongst you will note that a 50% bonus is equivalent to a 33% discount.  Even though Etihad is not as renowned for cheap Business Class fares as Qatar Airways, a 33% discount on whatever flights you desire is nonetheless quite attractive.

For further details, you can click here to be taken to the promotion website.