Lufthansa Group to resume flights to 106 destinations

Starting in June, Lufthansa, Eurowings and SWISS will be offering monthly restart schedules to significantly more destinations in Germany and Europe than in the past few weeks. The repatriation schedules will thus end on 31 May.

160 aircrafts will be reinstated

A total of 80 aircraft will be reactivated with the “June timetable”. This means that a total of 106 destinations can be served in the coming month. From 1 June, 160 aircraft will be in service with the Group’s passenger airlines. The previously valid repatriation flight schedule was calculated to be flown with only 80 aircraft.

The Lufthansa Group’s airlines are thus responding to the growing interest of customers in air travel, following the gradual easing of restrictions and limitations in the German federal states and entry regulations of other countries in Europe.

Starting in June, numerous sunny destinations such as Mallorca, Sylt, Rostock and Crete will once again be accessible with the airlines of the Lufthansa Group. Further details of the “June flight schedule” will be published in the course of the coming week.

We sense a great desire and longing among people to travel again. Hotels and restaurants are slowly opening, and visits to friends and family are in some cases being allowed again. With all due caution, we are now making it possible for people to catch up and experience what they had to do without for a long time. It goes without saying that the safety and health of our guests and employees are of the highest priority.

Harry Hohmeister, Chairman, Lufthansa Group

Safety regulations are valid

Customers are asked to take the current entry and quarantine regulations of the respective destinations into account when planning their trip. Throughout the entire trip, restrictions may be imposed due to stricter hygiene and security regulations, for example due to longer waiting times at airport security checkpoints. The catering services on board will also remain restricted until further notice. 

The obligation to wear a mouth-nose cover on board introduced by the airlines of the Lufthansa Group on 4 May has been very positively received and accepted by guests. Customers will continue to be asked to wear a mask during the entire journey.


  1. Counsellor says

    Sort of hard to eat with a mask on, eh? Same with drinks, or are airlines offering a straw with the martini?

  2. Billy Bob says

    These thieves did not return anyone’s cancelled ticket money, in violation of EU law. Screw them. Never fly Lufthansa.

  3. Doug says

    Travel is coming back, and I think it will be a tidal wave.

    Way more than the media claims. I’m on a trip now, and it’s awesome.
    Everyone is talking about places they will go and wanting to get out of town.

    It’s coming guys.
    It’s going to be great to go back to normal!

    • Vanita Lalsare says

      My return journey ticket to India is on 1 June 2020 by Lufthansa airways. Can i go on 1 June as per schedule? If yes line in reply is requested

  4. Jacob says

    This is really a good news. I can’t wait to take my seat onboard, I miss augsburg.

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