Revolut: free lounge access when delayed


There is nothing more frustrating than having a big delay, right? In that case, you are happy when you can visit one of the airport lounges. To have a drink and something to eat before boarding finally starts. Let’s be honest, not everyone has a frequent flyer status. In that case, getting a Revolut card can be a good option, as Revolut now offers free lounge access when you have a delay.


The British company called Revolut offers several payment cards in the US. You can, for instance, get a Revolut MasterCard costing 0 US $ per month (yes, that’s free). It offers the possibility to do international payments, transfers and withdrawals at interesting conditions. But there is also a premium card where you can get more benefits. Such as a premium looking card and free lounge access! This costs only 9 US $ per month.

Revolut has an interesting app filled with lots of features. You can even exchange cryptocurrencies within the app. Depending on the type of card you have, you will get access to several travel-related benefits as well. One of those is free airport lounge access when you have a delay.

Free lounge access

Smart Delay is the feature that gives you free lounges access when your flight is delayed. You can fill in your flight details in the Revolut app. The app will automatically update your flight details. With Smart Delay you can get access to over 1.000 lounges worldwide.

If there is a delay of over 60 minutes, a lounge voucher will become available in the app. The voucher is valid for 48 hours for the cardholder and a guest. The Smart Delay service is only available for the premium cards as part of their paid membership.

Example: your flight should depart at 9 AM and you have a delay. You will receive a free lounge voucher from 10 AM. When your delay is less than 60 minutes, you cannot use this service.

If your flight is not delayed, but you still want to access a lounge, then Revolut can also help! You can purchase lounge vouchers in the Revolut app at all times (through LoungeKey Pass access)


If you are a member of Revolut and you have the Premium Card then this service is nice to have. You can get the Premium Card for only 9 US $ per month. You can read more about pricing and features of the cards here. It is not fair to compare with lounge services like Priority Pass as they will always give you access (depending on the membership). Revolut only gives you access with your Premium membership when you have a delay.

It is maybe not recommended to get the Revolut Premium card only for the Smart Delay feature. However, if you were already considering taking the card, it is a nice feature that can help you get through your next big delay!


  1. Kris says

    Do you know if can always use the Smart Delay and the other insurances or are they only valid when the tickets are bought with the card. (this is how it typically is with insurance packages linked to a credit card)

    • InsideFlyer says

      Hi Kris,

      You can find the T&C for this service here. As far as we can see, there is no requirement to pay the tickets with the Revolut Card.

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