Little Known Dornier 328Jet Flies Europe and the US

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One of the more little known jet airliners around is the Dornier 328JET. These were manufactured in Oberpfaffenhofen, Germany by Dornier, a business with a long history in aviation.

Today there are just a few airlines that still use this aircraft. One is in Europe and two others are in the United States, so it’s not particularly easy to get a flight on one.

Dornier 328Jet in the United States

Denver Air Connection, a Key Lime Air company, operate a number of these out of Colorado. Scheduled charter services fly from Denver to a few places in Colorado and surrounding states.

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Ultimate Jet Charters based in Ohio also operate the Dornier 328JET. You can charter the jet for whatever you need, with particular emphasis on sports charters, corporate travel and the like.

British Airways Dornier 328JET Services

In Europe, Sun-Air of Scandinavia operate the Dornier 328JET as a British Airways franchisee. Based in Denmark, flights operate to the UK, Germany, France, Sweden and Norway.

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You can book all of these on the British Airways website. Frequent flyers earn miles in the Executive Club. As standard scheduled flights, these are perhaps the easiest to get on.

Overall Thoughts

The Dornier 328JET seats just 30 passengers, with seats arranged two by one. People who frequent small regional jets will know that this configuration is not too unusual.

Sun-Air operate a premium on board service on their flights, catering to business passengers. They even use city airports such as Stockholm Bromma and London City, which appeals to their target market.

Have you ever flown on board a Dornier 328JET before? What was your experience like? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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Featured image by Aldo Bidini on via Wikimedia Commons.
Key Lime Air interior Denver Air Connection.


  1. derek says

    Only oldsters, like me, will remember the 328JET in the US. Around 1999, ACA operating as Delta Connection used those as well as a few other airlines, like Ozark (not the big Ozark but the Oklahoma airline).

  2. Jon says

    There was one positioned at Morristown (NJ / USA) airport for some time. Not sure if it was corporate or charter or if it is still to be scene there.

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