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Summer is in full swing! It’s time to soak up the sun and make some awesome memories. Think about it. When’s the last time you and your buddies got together for a good ol’ fashion road trip? Or a long weekend in a city you’ve never explored before? You deserve to get together with your favorite people and make the most of these warm, hazy days before the winter sends us back indoors. 

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A girl’s weekend or guy’s trip is a great way to have fun, relax, and connect. And, thanks to places like Extended Stay America, it’s totally easy and affordable. You’ll be able to find a destination that everyone can agree on too, thanks to the 625 hotels across the U.S. that they offer.

Another perk, especially with a small group, is that all their rooms are suites. No more feeling cramped in a small hotel room, that’s overpriced. Each room also comes with a fully equipped kitchen that includes a full fridge, microwave, and stove. Save money and cook or use the fridge to store your refreshing drinks.

Other comforts available are their FREE grab-and-go breakfast, pools and hot tubs at select hotels, as well as other amazing amenities to enjoy your stay.

So, grab your friends and get them on board; then, check out Extended Stay America’s map to find your destination. Once that’s done, if you feel a short vacay isn’t enough, you can save up to 31% off your booking the longer you stay!

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Save up to 31% – The longer you stay, the more you save!


  1. Billy Bob says

    I would recommend caution with these types of hotels. We’ve stayed in more than one that also was “home” to various construction crews (road crews, buildings) and if that’s the case you can expect large trucks everywhere and thus haphazard parking, people around at all hours, loud TVs and music, trash thrown here and there, breakfast areas destroyed before 6am, smokers puffing away at most exits, lots of noise in the hallways (they all know each other) and other unpleasantness.

    Why bother with all that? At the very least, call the hotel you’re considering and ask if they’re going to be home to any construction crews when you are there. If so, avoid.

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