Doubletree London Victoria: Great Location & Value

Doubletree London Victoria


My friend was a first timer to London. With 24 hours to explore, I thought the Victoria area would be a great base to get the most out of our brief visit. I was happy when I booked a Priceline Express Deal and it turned out to be the Doubletree London Victoria! 


The hotel is right across the street from the Victoria Rail and Underground (Tube) station. It’s a great location to explore London. You can walk to the West End (the theaters are literally right next to the hotel) as well as Buckingham Palace!

I was super happy at check-in to see that they honored my Diamond Benefits! Now, your results may vary, as Hilton’s Honors terms and conditions state that on-property benefits are not awarded on reservations booked through a non-Hilton-direct booking channel.

At check-in, I just asked if I could add my diamond number and the front desk agent said “Sure!” She informed me that I would get “complimentary breakfast for 2 as well as 20% off restaurant + room service”. I got lucky. But it doesn’t hurt to ask!

I also inquired if we could have 2 beds as I was booked into a one double room. In another stroke of luck they upgraded me to a family room with 3 singles! The extra 3rd bed was useless for me, but the extra pillow came in handy!

And of course, I was given the famous Doubletree cookies which are delicious!

The Room:

The room was on the smaller side for hotels, even for European standards. But, it was very clean and well appointed. I have no complaints about the room at all. The bathroom was also a bit small too, but it served its purpose and was designed efficiently.

The room even had USB charging! Thankfully, because I forgot to pack a converter (my bad). This made it much easier to get through the night.

There was a hot water maker as well as coffee packets and tea bags. The room came equipped with a mini fridge as well. The AC system worked nicely, unlike many hotels I encountered on this trip.

The only major complaint I had would be the pillows. Two were supplied. One was far too soft while the other was far too firm. I couldn’t sleep for awhile, but thankfully the extra 3rd bed had pillows for me. Part of my sensitivity could have very well been attributed to my jet lag. A minor complaint would be the fact that the beds were very narrow. It was single beds rather than twin sized beds.

Late Check Out:

Since my Eurostar train didn’t leave until 7pm, I asked if a 2pm check out was possible.

That was a fail. I got late checkout extended from the standard 11am to 12pm. Better than nothing, but it just proves how Hilton Diamond doesn’t really help with late checkout. I ended up just doing luggage hold.


As I was only here for a night, I didn’t get to check out the fitness center.


Breakfast was solid! A nice small array of cooked food (bacon, sausage, mushroom, eggs) mixed with some interesting smoothie shots and cold fish! Very happy, and a great start to my day!

The Verdict:

Overall, the Doubletree London Victoria is a solid option to explore the city of London due to its excellent location and well appointed rooms. Out of the 3 Doubletree’s I’ve stayed at worldwide, this is by far the best one.

Happy travels,


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  1. L3 says

    Do you edit your contributors’ stories?

    Was the room free? Believe it or not there is no price in the article! The reader’s number one decision criterion.

    I don’t know where you get your writers, but Victoria Station is not in the West End. There are couple of theatres nearby but West End Theatreland starts two stops up the Victoria Line.

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