Marriott Resort Credit at over 50 Properties

After a long year, I deserve some relaxation. You probably do, too. Fortunately, Marriott is here to provide, offering a resort credit at over 50 properties (51, to be exact). Simply book between October 15 and December 31, for a stay through January 17, and you’re set to save.

A Marriott Reward Credit

marriott resort credit
CasaMagna Marriott Cancun Resort; looks like a nice place to spend a few days. Or a week. Or a month…

It’s cold in much of the country. Use a Marriott resort credit to help offset the cost of staying warm. Heading to the US or Canada (Okay, it’s not so warm in Canada in the winter.)? You can receive a credit of up to $100. It gets even better if you are going to a Caribbean or Latin American property. You could pick up as much as a $400 resort credit. That’s a couple of massages if you play it right.

How Good A Deal Is It?

An economics professor once taught me that the correct answer to any question is, “It depends.” And such is the case here. A lot of the resorts offer decent rates, and the credit is an added bonus (Resort fees, of course, will add to the price.). But you may be able to do as well somewhere else.

I don’t use travel agents frequently, but they come in handy when booking a high-end property. For instance, Virtuoso agents are often able to provide breakfast, upgrades, late check-outs, amenities, etc. These agents may have an even better deal to offer. You don’t have to go to a particular agent, though. Check your credit card. It may have travel privileges, such as with the World Elite MasterCard or American Express Platinum card. Be sure to see what each can offer you.

The Bottom Line

There’s minimal fine print. You can access the deals page to get the details, or just skip to the list of hotels that are participating. Then, just pack a bathing suit, and you’re on your way with a Marriott resort credit.

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