Earn 550 Gold Plus Rewards Points When You Add Loss Damage Waiver On Your Hertz Car Rental

Loss Damage Waiver 550 bonus points promotion 2016

You could earn 550 Gold Plus Rewards points when you add Loss Damage Waiver on your car rental with Hertz — enough to redeem for a free weekend day — with any vehicle rental through Saturday, December 31, 2016 when you reserve the vehicle to rent in advance.

Adding the Loss Damage Waiver — or LDW — to your car rental will supposedly protect the car by covering any unexpected damages to it to give you piece of mind…

…and if you are still not sure about what is Loss Damage Waiver, then you can watch this official video from Hertz designed to sell you on purchasing Loss Damage Waiver for the vehicle which you rent.

Earn 550 Gold Plus Rewards Points When You Add Loss Damage Waiver

There are three ways to add Loss Damage Waiver to your car rental with Hertz:

  • Select Loss Damage Waiver — or LDW — when you book your reservation
  • Go to the Hertz counter and add it at the time of picking up the vehicle
  • Update your Gold Profile with the Loss Damage Waiver so that it is automatically added with every rental

Remember to select Gold Plus Rewards points on your Gold Profile and during each reservation to receive your bonus.

Select Terms and Conditions

Free days include base rates only, as additional taxes and fees may apply.

You must select to receive Hertz Gold Plus Rewards points on each reservation to earn 550 Gold Plus Rewards bonus points on each rental with the purchase of the Loss Damage Waiver.

This offer is valid on paid rentals picked up through Saturday, December 31, 2016 at participating Hertz locations. Gold Plus Rewards bonus points will not be awarded on rentals accruing other frequent travel loyalty program points. Gold Plus Rewards bonus points will be added to your account at the time of the return of the rental vehicle. Standard rental qualifications and return restrictions apply. Modifying your reservation may result in a change in your rate or invalidate this offer. This offer has no cash value and cannot be used with Pre-Pay Rates, Tour Rates, Insurance Replacement Rates or any other promotion other than your CDP number. The minimum age for this offer is 21 and age differential charges may apply.

Other terms and conditions may apply.


Despite the information which is presented in the videos, your primary automobile insurance or your credit card which you use to pay for the car rental might include coverage for rental cars. If so, carefully read the terms and conditions of the policy and ensure that you understand exactly what the policy covers before relying on it to cover any damage which can occur on a rental vehicle in the event of an accident.

So, too, should you carefully read the terms and conditions of the Loss Damage Waiver insurance before purchasing that option when renting a car. Tires and wheels are usually an exclusion from that policy; so even if you purchase Loss Damage Waiver protection for the rental car, you might still have to pay for a wheel which was dented from hitting a pothole in the road. Be sure that you find out what are the limitations of that policy and what else is not covered.

This offer is available to select members of the Gold Plus Rewards frequent renter loyalty program only residing in the United States or Canada — meaning that it could possibly be targeted; so double check with Hertz before booking your reservation, as advance reservations are required during this promotion.

Insurance is basically a gamble in general. By purchasing insurance, you are betting that something will happen to the car while renting it; and the rental car company is betting that nothing will happen so that it can clear a nice profit…

…but if you have an automobile insurance policy or a credit card, you might already be covered for damages to rental vehicles — but although this is an intriguing promotion, 550 Gold Plus Rewards bonus points is usually not worth the cost of purchasing the Loss Damage Waiver unless you absolutely need to purchase the insurance coverage.

Source: Hertz.

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